70% Realization

At least 70% of the training plan.

Either we do something MEGA or nothing at all. The new thought is this: implementation of the plan below 70% for 3 months during the year and we end cooperation. “Chosen” 3 months (it can be, for example, February, April, December, etc.) are in my opinion sufficient to deal with random events or a worse period.

We start counting from January or if the player started cooperation during the year, we calculate proportionally: possible 1 month below 70% for 4 months (rounding in favor of the player).

Your money respected, my time too. This is a little encouragement from me for you to get in even better shape.

Note: in case of problems with time, report limited availability in a given month via the platform, e.g. 2-3 days a week. We can shorten the time. Book your holidays in advance. In these cases, it will still be 100% execution!

Regards Jacek

Questions and Answers

I agree with you Jacek. If I were you, I would think the same, after all, it’s all about surrounding yourself with people who pursue common goals and share roughly common principles, especially when it comes to pursuing interests and passions. Of course, random situations happen to everyone and then you can discuss the matter together, but I assume it’s not about this things you care about in this entry.

yeah, that’s exactly what I mean, Lukasz. And yeah, it’s not about random situations something does not change  have a nice day and best regards

I am faced with choosing the first trainer who will prepare and will carry me through next season. As for me, you added a brick to +

thank you, I’m happy


thank you

On the one hand, I agree 100% and on the other, not quite. Until recently, I was able to follow the plan almost 100%, four workouts a week. Currently, with a small two-month-old baby on board, it is not that easy, so I try to do as much as possible, but often it is not possible. It’s different in the case of people who do not take the subject seriously and do not respect the work of the trainer. It would be a pity to drop out of the training program with a huge and even greater motivation to exercise than before when it was easier. The more so that the cooperation has been going on for two years and the form has gone up and the assumptions for the season have been achieved, for which I am very grateful because I would not have gone far there 

hi Kuba, I consider your approach to training rather exemplary. You can even have a whole month of holidays (reported) and still have 100% fulfillment. Or you can report that you have time for 3 workouts a week for 40 minutes and it will still be 100%. In the worst period, even 2 workouts completed in 100% will be what we are interested in thanks for your valuable comment. I will include it in the description of this point if it appears. Regards

thanks for the broader explanation of the topic 🙂 There is nothing else but further work together, greetings

Maybe 3 months though? There are different situations, and people may not realize that they are on the wrong path. A three-month pattern would be: – first month: drowning. Perhaps the ward realizes the irregularities, but it is only on paper at the end of the month. – Second month: repair. Maybe something will come out of this repair, maybe not. In most cases it will come out. For some, it will be more difficult, because they are in this situation for a reason – Third month: the final test. the last one in which improvement was expected. People who want to achieve something come to training. They didn’t show up “by the way”. They may not have enough skills right away, including organizational skills. They applied in order to also refine the organizational aspect. Since, by definition, conscious people apply, after an individual conversation about the “repair plan” they will realize that they are taking a place with a better plan and greater determination.