About JacaCoach

Cycling and triathlon coach. 

JacaCoach has been dealing with broadly understood cycling training for over five years.

The roots of the project date back to the 90s and the early 2000s, when the main trainer and founder of the JacaCoach Platform gained professional experience racing on Polish roads.

The main coach has the necessary instructor and licenses in the field of cycling training and dietetics.

The goal is to adapt the training to the expectations of the athlete, while maintaining the ethical standards professed by JacaCoach.
Observations, searching for ideal tools, solutions on topics such as:
balance private / sports life, improvement of form, communication, injuries, mental condition of the player, looking for blockades and strengths of the player. Can be call scientific research?
We are looking for the perfect solution for every player who cooperates with JacaCoach.