Any sense of half an hour training?

Everyone started at some point and either took on “too much” or just started with a “half-hour” workout. Unfortunately, few people remember their beginnings. Yes. “The ox doesn’t remember what a calf he was.” This is probably one of the truest truths I know.

This article could really end there.

What is worth to consider?

  1. Any physical activity has a positive effect on our body.
  2. Better less than too much. By every activity, I don’t mean “killing” the body. If you decide to train 2 hours+, consider to entrust your body to a professional coach.
  3. You have to start somewhere. It is always better to start with the minimum and work towards the maximum.
  4. Sport is a lifestyle. Not an adventure.
  5. Deciding to be a “sports soul” we do not specify time. It’s a change forever. If you start training with one hour sessions, five times a week, can you say that you will always do this for the rest of your life? It is probably more realistic to assume that you will train 40 minutes a day, 3x a week for the rest of your life. Time can always be extended. Not in a month, maybe in a year! You have to start somewhere.
  6. If someone who is not a coach and imposes his way of thinking on you – you should not listen to it, not take it seriously. As not a coach, you can only suggest something to someone, on the principle of “what works positively for me and what does not”. It’s up to you to decide what can benefit your body.
  7. The greatest value of the coach is the number of cases he has dealt with. What is good for the athlete and what is not. How to adjust a certain scheme of action for a “unique” person? How will such a scheme (one, another, another) end with this athlete. What does it ultimately lead to? The coach usually knows this. It’s called experience. You cannot be guided by the opinion of someone who knows only one scheme: “his”.
  8. When you decide to cooperate with a trainer, you pun the decisions “what is good, or not” on the coach. There is nothing worse than two coaches  “coach and athlete”.
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