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Work is underway on a new version of the JacaCoach Application

A thorough overhaul of the user interface.
A surprise for students to make cooperation and use of tools even easier.
A novelty intended for athletes practicing endurance sports and people on a diet.

New version of the website www.jaca.coach

Work is underway on a new version of the website www.jaca.coach.
The graphic design is changing, but the user interface is also modified.
Intuitiveness and ease of navigating the website are our priorities.
There will also be new new modules.
Stay tuned!


jakość trening kolarski triathlon bieganie

The highest quality is a characteristic feature of JacaCoach Team services.

Everything we do, we do so that the service/product offered to our clients (customers) is always of the highest quality.
Not quantity, but quality!

I exercise at the gym once a week. Does this interfere with training?

Does not interfere.
JacaCoach Team gives you the opportunity to perform a "gym" type training unit, further implementing a training plan aimed at developing endurance sports.
Such a unit will be appropriately included in the training plan.
Note: If you are able to do 4 training sessions a week (one of which is the gym), tell your trainer that you can train 3 days a week and training for endurance sports will be planned on these days.

I want to take part in running competitions but also train cycling.

The new JacaCoach training concept allows you to do this.
In fact, it is made for this.
There are no limits when it comes to choosing a sports discipline within endurance sports.
You develop your entire body.
You don't close yourself off to new challenges, experiences and opportunities.
With a training plan from JacaCoach Team, you can prepare for running competitions without giving up cycling, and similarly, you will prepare for cycling competitions without giving up running.

Complete development

complete development cycling training triathlon running

Training with JacaCoach does not limit you and does not force you to develop only a specific skill, a specific part of the body.
JacaCoach Team gives you the opportunity to develop your entire body.
It gives you the opportunity to develop and strengthen your entire body, but you can also still focus on one sport and use one sport as a training tool.


availability cycling training triathlon running

It doesn't matter where in Poland, England, America or anywhere in the world you train.
Thanks to the JacaCoach Application, you have constant contact with the coach.
Planned training sessions, exercises to be performed, the ability to report completed units- all this is available 24 hours a day! You can do cycling, triathlon and running training at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world.

“JacaCoach” profile on Instagram

Update of the official "JacaCoach" profile on Instagram - @jacacoach

JacaCoach application UI update

Intuitiveness, simplicity, functionality - they have always been and will be important.
New update.

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