“Energy dirnks”, is that harmful?

What flies but has no wings must fall someday.
Nothing in nature is lost, surplus energy must be given back.
This is the case with all types of drugs. It’s fun, only to be bad later.

I know energy drinnks from many sides. From sports and beyond. Are they harmful?
I think that tests are best done with the “shock” method. Not in a life-threatening dose, but in a large dose. I accidentally drank a bottle of “pre-starter” drink before the race, which, as it turned out, contained two portions of the liquid. The composition is caffeine and additives such as taurine, ingredients well known to everyone. The effect was that during the race and the hard effort, my heart temporarily lost control of what it was doing, reaching a heart rate of 250 beats per minute (palpitations). The digestive system also suffered from not taking food for the next two days. I’ve never eaten a toadstool but I suspect it was comparable.
Initially, I did not connect it with the energy drink, but when at the next race, consuming the drink in the amount indicated by the manufacturer (half a bottle), the symptoms were practically the same, the conclusions came to mind.
No more energy drinks before the start!
No more symptoms like that.

Everything is extreme in the race. The equipment works in extreme conditions, the body works in extreme conditions, the digestive system, you can guess in what conditions it works. Yes, the energy drink has been tested in extreme conditions.
What happened in an hour, in normal conditions will also happen, but let’s say in a month, in a year.

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