What is w goal

Increase in player's form.

Plus: health, improving the overall condition of the body, contact with other competitors, developing the passion of cycling, having a nice time.

What is most important thing during our cooperation

Full trust.

If you have doubts about the trainer's competence or the way the trainer works, terminate the cooperation immediately. 

It's a waste of your money and time and the coach's time.

“Then I'm not supposed to report my concerns?” Report information about your well-being, all feelings that in your opinion are non-standard, e.g. how the training affects you today, whether it was easy to perform or maybe extremely difficult, that you have a harder week or a looser week. 

Leave training planning to your coach.

Is it possible for two players to have the same workouts?

There is no such possibility (or very little). They would have to have the same time, generate the same power, have the same goals, weight, calendar of events (e.g. racing) and progress at the same pace. 

Of course, the workouts can be similar in selected training periods, which is completely normal in cycling.

Is every training session checked?

Yes and no. Every training is checked.


The trainer checks them to a greater or lesser extent. 

To a lesser extent? It can only check the executed time.

If the athlete provides such data, the coach visually assesses the chart of each workout, whether the next sections of the workout are visible on it.

To a greater extent? If the trainer thinks that you may not have understood the training, he analyzes the watts/heart rate carefully and gives you tips on how to improve.

Can I talk to coach any time?

Yes, all chats and comments on the JacaCoach Platform are just use chat to talk with the coach (chat avilable on the platform).

Is coach does everything on his own?

Yes but some tasks such as collecting information about the player's weight, monthly checking of the player's time, all payment messages, hints on data completion, and other similar tasks are performed by the Platform, (to be used by coach at any time)

Is month summary writen by coach?

The summary of the month is a summary of the data prepared by the trainer throughout the month. Checking trainings, their evaluation, mainly in percentage or quantitative form, e.g. days off, injuries, etc. If the trainer deems it appropriate, he adds appropriate comments to the summary. 

Generally, in summary, everything we've been working on all month  is brought together. This is great information and a showcase of the whole cooperation. Additionally  "template" information about a given training period, etc are included

Is coach checking my calendar?

Of course. In addition, usually once a month (apart from the summary) the competitor receives a mini-information about the "look" of his calendar. Appearance, because the calendar is colored in red, yellow, green depending on the degree of implementation of the plan.

Do I have to put all data into calendar after training is finished?

No. The most important thing is that the athlete does the training.

Platform, data... it's just a collaboration add-on.

Minimum requirements are completed training time. The competitor may enter the time manually in the appropriate box in the calendar. 

This is how the trainer knows that the plan is being implemented and how to plan the next days, weeks.


The player can provide more information, which greatly improves cooperation. Here are some possibilities:

  1. Attaching a photo of the chart (a simple screenshot attached to a given day in the calendar)
  2. Uploading a GPX file
  3. Downloading data from Strava (after prior integration of JacaCoach and Strava platforms)
  4. Fill in all data manually.

Is the cyclist treated individually?

Yes. Training and training periods are prepared for the athlete taking into account his goals, the time he has at his disposal, the power he generates, this

What the JacaCoach Web Platform is for?

The JacaCoach platform is a link between the coach and the player. 

It's like a graphical presentation of what the trainer wants to tell you, but in the form of a chart or very easy to understand, accessible data.

Data sharing after the end of cooperation

"After the end of cooperation, do I have access to paid training plans. Will such plans be provided to me in some other form?"

Access to the Platform is blocked after the end of cooperation and the data is deleted.
The training plan is available on the Platform throughout the cooperation period.
Transfer of data in any other form is not part of the offer.

*) some of the comments do not apply to MINI care (check the offer)