What Athletes say about JacaCoach trainings? 

This exercise shows how much progress has been made over the winter. First power test gave a result of 269W, and now 45min exercise with a power of 256W comes in easily 🙂

I guess I started a little too conservatively. I didn't expect 40W of progress 😅

I don't know how it's possible but that's how it looks 🙂 I think the last hard work period did the job 🙂 I'm super happy!

Well, this season progress is really noticeable. This just shows that training has the intended effect. I am very happy with the cooperation 🙂

Thanks Jacek, I'll tell you that I'm positively surprised myself, of course, how my legs are spinning lately I've never felt so strong but not to jinx it 😁 I just want to train Regards

Firecracker Race! All my goals were met and even more! The icing on the cake is getting the PODIUM! In the classification of the inhabitants of my commune 3/27!!! This is the biggest reward at the end of the season I could wish for. Top 20, time under an hour and a podium 😀 I think our cooperation is going really well and it's a pity that I can't high five you now! Thanks Jack!

In fact, I do not believe in what is happening in these tests because I am about 45 watts higher than last year at this time of year, even this year I do not get tired of training so much (let's say there was one that gave me a hard time), and muscle recovery is super fast.
(cyclist -> weight 66kg, power 327W, 4.95W/kg)

Short and to the point: Great. Many thanks for your care!

Everything is great, a huge thank you for keeping motivation in this disastrous month when it comes to weather - it paid off with a successful end of the season 🙂

As for the year of work, first of all, thank you for all this time. You met all my expectations and exceeded many. You are my first coach and I am convinced that I have come to the right place 🙂 You brought my hobby to a whole new level and breathed new energy into this activity. During this year, thanks to the training you gave me, I became not only a better cyclist but also a better person. Hygiene of life, which was "enforced" by the training regime, is, apart from high form, a sports value that I am most satisfied with. I've given up most of the alcohol, I'm sleeping more and more regularly. I gave up unnecessary life distractions. I have more energy and therefore patience and optimism for everyday matters. I feel healthy, full of life energy and optimism, and the fact that next year I am jumping into the M40 is a joke 🙂 Thank you again and I am waiting for the continuation of this story. [...]

September promises to be very racing, 4 races, including the one on 01.10. In total, we managed to start in three and all finished in perfect shape. It was this form that surprised me. In September we entered high intensity and volume. My body reacted completely differently than I expected. He recovered quickly after training. I felt I could do more and more. At the competition, even a long ride around 95% HRMax no longer meant dying and crawling to the finish line. For the first time, I was able to recover and go to a very high intensity again. I feel that in September the whole year of work paid off 🙂 Something great.

everything great 🙂

Another month behind me. Thanks to the trainer, I was able to combine training with work. There is a slight change of purpose in the head. In general, it can be said that the appetite increases with eating.
Collaboration: I'll repeat myself, but for me it's a bomb. Cool thing. Thanks for looking! The form is slowly growing, and most importantly, a person feels more fitted to his body 🙂

The month of July turned out better than I thought. Despite the cut trainings and unfortunately the lack of 100% attendance, it is better than I could have expected. The leg is strong and the races, especially the last one, went great. He manages to hit forty, which is a great success. Overall better shape despite the turmoil in life. Promotion to the 3rd training level only adds wings and motivates you to work even harder. We keep pushing! 🙂