How to keep high level motivation

Specify the GOAL

*Take a moment and ask yourself

what all of effords are for.

What is the reward

for huge work you are doing now?



*This is a condition

to feel we are getting 

closer to the goal

and that it is real.

Disturbed regularity

couses doubts:  

“will that work?”

“is it is really possible?”.


Believe in your own strength.

*You must believe that

that you can achieve your goal.

If you don’t believe..

let it go..



*Plan every step.

You must be able to 

imagine final result. 

If you is real.


“Strength for intentions”

*Unfortunately, I’m one who is

wondering, whether

every goal is attainable?

For now I’m on.. “goals on the way”, 

“just in case”.


Small rewards.

*Just to keep high level

of motivation.

Mentioned “goals on the way”, 

“just in case”.


Have a nice day

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