One month of cycling training and form increase?

One month of cycling training and form increase? What can you do during a month cycling training?

The topic is quite complex and should be broken down into two completely different cases.

First case. A month of training with a novice cyclist.

Starting sport activities like cycling or any other is associated with a faceing with a huge unknowns. The first workouts are always chaotic, devoid of logic and fluidity. They are not done consciously, and by conscious training I mean controlling your own body and training in such a way that every minute of exercise properly affects the athlete’s body.
During trainings in this period, athlete should not even think about an increase of sports form. This period should be devoted to the preparation of training tools, perform sports tests to determine the sports level. Define your heart rate/power zones.
Actually it is kind of fascinating training period, where the competitor gains lightness and fluency in training.

Second case. A month of training for an intermediate and advanced player.

An athlete who has more training experience can use a month of training to develop specific skills to a very large extent. In short, a month of training is a lot if you devote this time to developing endurance, speed, or if it is a period of pre-competition preparation. In such a short time, athlete is able to significantly improve his weaknesses immediately before an important race fe.

In both cases, the conclusion is, that a month of training is only a small, or even micro, part of the whole sports training.

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