Running training and building general form.

Is it possible to develop also in terms of cycling by doing running training? What is the difference between running and cycling training, in terms of the development of efficiency, endurance, strength or speed?

For some time, JacaCoach athlets have been able to do one running training per week. Yes, in addition to a training plan focused on building a typical cycling form, you can do running training. The reason is my observations about combining these two types of activity and the benefits of such mix.
Running, even the monotonous, low-intensity, has a positive effect on the whole body. To the leg muscles that we develop on a bike are joined others, neglected or even impaired when performing only one type of movement.
While in the summer, athletes training under the supervision of JacaCoach can (not must) do an additional “running” type of training, in the winter it is a mandatory training unit appearing in the training plan. Running training is not the easiest, and if it is done too hard it can even cause problems with joints (just like training on a bike that is done too hard) this is why, by running training I mean an activity even where 70-80% is walking and 20% is running/jogging.

How to combine different activities before important competitions? More on that in the next article.

What is the difference between building form during running training and the one built on a bike? No difference!

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