Who is pretending to be like? Professional’s Amateur or Amateur’s Professional? Read more

Some time ago, my former coach, from 20 years ago, looking at my bike, was tempted to comment: “Pro”.I felt offended.How can anyone suggest I’m trying to be a pro?I work, I bought my dream bike, my dream cycling clothes, helmet, glasses, I have time to ride, train and race. Why bring the pros into …

The cyclist fears the most Read more

They say cyclists are tough guys. Blood, sweat and tears. Blood, such a daily companion of a cyclist. Sometimes you either sleep with bandages on, or you let your wounds heal faster and you stick to the sheet with fresh wounds all night because the next race is waiting and your form cannot suffer. Sweat. …

When cycling training can be harmful Read more

1. Training not adapted to your physical abilities While training too short, too “light” will not hurt anyone, training too long, too hard, yes. One training with too much intensity can destroy our previous work in one day! Not only the current one, but such a mistake can cost the athlete a break from training …

JacaCoach and Garmin connect interation in progress! Read more

Work in progress! Workouts export from the JacaCoach platform to Garmin Connect!🔥🔥Yes, we’re on it! Garmin API access for JacaCoach is the way where our cyclists will be able to perform step-by-step training with Garmin devices.💪👌That was the plan, but the plan turned into the first tests.Basic functionalities will be tested by cyclists in a …

JacaCoach Cycling KIT Read more

JacaCoach cycling cloths shop (after offer update) with the latest designs is available now.Link to the shop at hhttps://www.jaca.coach/en/jacacoach-kit/The next step and the plan is: all products available “now” 🙂 stay tuned!Regards, Jacek #cycling #cyclingkit #jacacoach #sport #offer #cyclist #coach #jacacoachteam

JacaCoach Platform + Garmin Connect Read more

Morning news🔥🔥👌Access to Garmin Connect API resources for JacaCoach!Looks like the JacaCoach Platform will be connected to Garmin Connect!Big step on the way 😃 #cycling #jacacoach #sport #coach #garmin #jacacoachplatform #passion #progress

Tempo training – exercise Read more

Warm-up*about 20 minutes2nd zone (easy ride)with intervals 3-4 zone_Main exercise:*Beginner: 20minIntermediate: 40minAdvanced: 60minIntensity: 3rd zone(small breath change)_Calm down:*easy 15-30minCadence: 80-90 rpmHow many times per week: 1-2_Probably the easiest workoutto do.But one of the “main” 🙂_Have a great workout 🙂 #cycling #cycling #training #sport #cyclist #cyclist #Passion #tempo #jacacoach #jacacoachteam #cyclingtraining #cycling training #rower