Who is pretending to be like? Professional’s Amateur or Amateur’s Professional?

Some time ago, my former coach, from 20 years ago, looking at my bike, was tempted to comment: “Pro”.
I felt offended.
How can anyone suggest I’m trying to be a pro?
I work, I bought my dream bike, my dream cycling clothes, helmet, glasses, I have time to ride, train and race. Why bring the pros into this?
It’s a completely different story, mentality, training or exploitation of the body.
I just want to look good, have fun, feel good and do cycling for my health.

Maybe PRO try to be like the Amateurs? Maybe they’re trying to have fun while riding a bike, and that fun isn’t quite working out. Maybe they would also like to, without sponsors’ pressure for the result, just have fun on Sunday rides? Maybe the professional has something to envy the Amateur?

The Amateur Cyclist can have everything he needs and still has the privilege of choice. Here one of my charges gave me an interesting observation and question. Is it a crime to miss a race in difficult wether conditions?
Amateur cyclist, race in the rain, frost if wants. If wants.

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