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eBook “Sport by JacaCoach p.1”

eBook Sport by JacaCoach cz. 1


When cycling training can be harmful
Training heart rate and power zones. How to calculate?
One month of cycling training and form increase?
The cyclist fears the most
Who is pretending to be like? Professional's Amateur or Amateur's Professional?
Why do we need strength, speed and endurance training?
Goal so indywidual
Too old for the sport?
Any sense of half an hour training?
Groups of bicycle computers and their usefulness in training.
Running training and building general form.
"Energy dirnks", is that harmful?
Training plan for the Amateur.
How not to overtrain and plan your days off correctly?
Optimal cadence? Training vs Tests vs Competitions.
Why do I recommend the running test? 3 advantages.
Is "fast food" harmful?
3 foods that we cut out of our diet. What to replace them with?
Sport by JacaCoach p.1
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