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End of cooperation and desire to return.

To re-establish cooperation with JacaCoachTEAM, you must place an order. In the next step, you will be asked to create a new account in JacaCaochAPP.

I exercise at the gym once a week. Does this interfere with training?

Does not interfere.
JacaCoach Team gives you the opportunity to perform a "gym" type training unit, further implementing a training plan aimed at developing endurance sports.
Such a unit will be appropriately included in the training plan.
Note: If you are able to do 4 training sessions a week (one of which is the gym), tell your trainer that you can train 3 days a week and training for endurance sports will be planned on these days.

I want to take part in running competitions but also train cycling.

The new JacaCoach training concept allows you to do this.
In fact, it is made for this.
There are no limits when it comes to choosing a sports discipline within endurance sports.
You develop your entire body.
You don't close yourself off to new challenges, experiences and opportunities.
With a training plan from JacaCoach Team, you can prepare for running competitions without giving up cycling, and similarly, you will prepare for cycling competitions without giving up running.

When is the best time of year to start training?

You can start training and cooperation at any time, at any time of the year.
The coach adapts the training program to the athlete, his needs, capabilities and the current season.

Do I have to start cooperation at the beginning of the month?

You can start cooperation with JacaCoach on any day of the month.
The month of cooperation and the settlement period lasts for one month from the start of training (e.
from January 12 to February 12).

Sometimes I need a day off/vacation. Is this possible when working with a trainer?

Yes, a client training with JacaCoach can report days off.
This should be done well in advance, before the trainer schedules training.
If necessary, at the last minute, you can use the tool to postpone training (within 1-2 days).

I work in shifts. Does this prevent cooperation and training?

Working in shifts does not exclude or prevent cooperation.
In such a situation, it is best to report the number of days you can train and report the days you need off well in advance (about 3 weeks in advance).
Additionally, you have a tool at your disposal that allows you to transfer your training within 1-2 days.

What if I don’t do the training planned by the trainer?

Uncompleted workouts are simply lost.
The athlete must ensure the best possible implementation of the given training plan.

How much time do I need to reserve for training?

Your time options are constantly updated in a way that is appropriate for your best development.
Once a month you are asked about your time options for the near future.
This is a proven and well-thought-out method that allows you to reconcile everyday life and sports.
First, you can report to the trainer the minimum time you have (e.
40 minutes during the week, 60-90 minutes on weekends).
During cooperation, you can significantly extend this time by reporting such possibilities to the trainer.

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