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Feedback – Mario

The weight drops.
A plus here is the ability to choose what your diet goal is every month. Great idea! Thanks!!!

Feedback – Kasia

hejka, dieta dokładnie rozpisana ale posiłki proste i łatwe do przygotowania. Fajna opcja to możliwość zamiany produktów na wegetariańskie

Feedback- Kamila

I'm getting in shape and that's what I came here for. It turned out that it is now part of my life. It all works great and now being in better shape is such a bonus haahah

Feedback – michu

well, everything. from planning the training, its control, to help, payment system... everything is fine

Feedback- Joanna

Everything's great! It makes it much easier for me to implement my plan to export to Zwift. Executing the assumptions quickly and later is a piece of cake. I recommend :)

Feedback – Bartek

Very interesting training. There is no boredom.
Diversity (as above).
Constant monitoring of training by the trainer motivates.
You can get out of your comfort zone. There is room for improvement.
I want more!

Feedback – jarek

New app BRAVO!
A big improvement in terms of intuitiveness. Now I go in and everything is lightning fast. No loading, scrolling, searching. Way to go

Feedback – Maciek K

What I value most is that everything is clearly specified, the training is described in detail step by step and I always know what I have to do every day.
Feeling great (during training, after training).
The form is growing.

Feedback – Jan

– better time management
– increase in shape
– pleasure of training
– as above, but still very interesting training
– something different all year round (amazing)
- and many more
Thank you hey

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