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Feedback – Mirek

Na pewno lepsza organizacja czasu.
Przełożyło się to też na obowiązki niezwiązane z treningiem.

Feedback – Marcin

There are a few things :)
1) Certainly the fact that I don't have to think about training, I can just get on the bike and do what was planned.
2) An additional plus for all integrations with Garmin/Zwift, etc.
, saving time.
3) Adjusting the level even to a deadbeat like me, i.
someone who has recently started an adventure with any sport 😉
4) The ability to quickly change the type of training to a trainer/run, thanks to which you can not give up training on holidays/trips/during bad weather, which is very helpful.
5) Cool tools on the platform that give you a measurement of the current level and stroke of the form.
To sum up, working with JacaCoach gave me tools that help me motivate myself to put in the effort and saved me a lot of time :)

Feedback – Max

Briefly and to the point in a few points:
a) does not cause injuries - I came to you after my own attempts to train were no longer effective and caused injuries.
Now there is no trace of this type of inconvenience.
b) I consider the fitness goals set a year ago to be achieved - it's time to raise expectations.
c) My fitness level is no different in the peloton, and there are even reserves for more.
d) The cycling race has changed from a fight for survival to scheming and looking for opportunities
e) health problems, both big and small, end with a quick return to shape.
This can't be a coincidence.
f) thanks to systematic training and their diversity, I learned to swim longer distances - the series of 200 m were extended to 1 km, but that's all because sometimes you need a drink
g) better time management in everyday life - after all, you need to find time for training among other duties.
TV and Netflix? Just winter on the trainer.
h) books and audiobooks - after all, there is time for it on the trainer
i) the unique feature of the platform allows you to change your training - now it is no longer monotonous and boring

Feedback – Robertos

what I noticed was that training and sports became part of my whole life.
in such a natural way.

Feedback – GrzesM

Systematicity, motivation and progress in results and, above all, "clearing" your head from current matters.

Feedback – Karol

That means they are missing now 😉 Before we start our cooperation, there is something every now and then.
Now I don't know what an injury is! Greetings

Feedback – Marcin

hey, well-organized training, everything thought out.
I have no problem combining it with work and family.
Thank you

Feedback – Artur

Hi Jacek! The power increased by approximately 30W within a few months.
I appreciate this and agree with other comments :)
I greet arthur

Feedback – Bartek S

Hello, I was and still am interested in improving my fitness and getting better places in races.
Everything is going according to plan and the places are also getting better! Thanks Jaca!

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