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4 September 2023

Feedback – Max

Briefly and to the point in a few points:
a) does not cause injuries – I came to you after my own attempts to train were no longer effective and caused injuries.
Now there is no trace of this type of inconvenience.
b) I consider the fitness goals set a year ago to be achieved – it’s time to raise expectations.
c) My fitness level is no different in the peloton, and there are even reserves for more.
d) The cycling race has changed from a fight for survival to scheming and looking for opportunities
e) health problems, both big and small, end with a quick return to shape.
This can’t be a coincidence.
f) thanks to systematic training and their diversity, I learned to swim longer distances – the series of 200 m were extended to 1 km, but that’s all because sometimes you need a drink
g) better time management in everyday life – after all, you need to find time for training among other duties.
TV and Netflix? Just winter on the trainer.
h) books and audiobooks – after all, there is time for it on the trainer
i) the unique feature of the platform allows you to change your training – now it is no longer monotonous and boring

JacaCoachTeam provides comprehensive coaching in the field of endurance sports - cycling training, running, triathlon.
Training and cooperation are not only about the work of trainer - trainees.
The entire environment, often even unnoticed, is a huge challenge and a very important element.
Tools necessary for cooperation and contact with clients, formalities, cooperation with partners allowing for all kinds of integrations that facilitate training.
Payment management.
Monitoring the operation of training support services.
Action plan and development plan.
JacaCoachTeam will take care of all this.
We are looking for the perfect solution for every player who cooperates with JacaCoach.

Cycling, running and triathlon trainer. The most important information about JacaCoach.
- Title "Cycling Instructor"
- Class II Cycling Trainer
- Title "Triathlon Instructor"
- Certificate of completion of the Dietetics and Supplementation course
JacaCoach has been involved in broadly understood endurance sports training (cycling training, triathlon, running) for many years.
The roots of the project date back to the 1990s and the early 2000s, when the head coach JacaCoach gained professional experience by racing on Polish roads.
The head trainer has the necessary instructor and coaching licenses in the field of cycling training, triathlon and dietetics.
The goal is to adapt the training to the athlete's expectations while maintaining the ethical standards adhered to by JacaCoach.
Can observations, searching for ideal tools and solutions on topics such as:
private life/sports balance, improvement in fitness, communication, injuries, mental condition of the player, looking for blocks and the player's strengths?

JacaCoachAppJacaCoachAPP v2.0
The online application supporting training and cooperation with a trainer, developed since 2017, has been released into version 2.0.
Everything an athlete needs to train is now in one place.