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eBook “Sport by JacaCoach p.2”

eBook Sport by JacaCoach p. 2


Tire pressure of the bike. How much to pump?
Running shoes, what to pay attention to?
Position of the foot on the pedal while cycling
Why should we avoid cycling training in rainy weather?
Are you stronger or weaker in rainy weather?
Where do injuries come from?
Characteristic injuries for cycling, running, rollerblading?
4 sports that I recommend to everyone.
Breakdowns that may happen to you during training (cycling, running, rollerblading).
How to properly perform the test, fitness form checking?
Treshold tests. How to do?
How long the treshold test should be?
Why fitness tests are important?
How to dress for a training, competition - basic rule.
3 ways to control exercise intensity during training.
Can training be done based on speed?
Money vs sports class?
What cassette, how many gears are needed to perform cycling training?
Home fitness test as a form of motivation
The main difference between a pro bike and a daily bike?
Safety - ROAD vs MTB
Specific kind of TEST, known to everyone, working well!
Sport by JacaCoach p.2
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