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Shop and cooperation rules

Store Regulations

  1. The date of start of cooperation is the date indicated when making the order.
  2. The fee applies to cooperation for a given period of cooperation, the length of which is indicated in the product description (usually one month).
  3. The training plan is tailored and personalized to the specific ordering person, taking into account the parameters and capabilities of that person in a given period of time.
  4. It is possible to terminate cooperation by both parties without giving a reason after the end of the paid period of cooperation.
  5. When ordering a training plan, the athlete declares that there are no health contraindications for practicing sports.
  6. Since the trainings will be performed remotely, the coach has no influence on the safety and correctness of the exercises.
  7. The only place where the training plan is made available to the athlete is the JacaCoach Application.
    JacaCoach reserves the right to cancel the order and not to cooperate without giving a reason (returning the money paid by the ordering party)
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