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What distinguishes JacaCoach


jakość trening kolarski triathlon bieganie

The highest quality is a characteristic feature of JacaCoach Team services.

Everything we do, we do so that the service/product offered to our clients (customers) is always of the highest quality.
Not quantity, but quality!

Complete development

complete development cycling training triathlon running

Training with JacaCoachTEAM does not limit you and does not force you to develop only a specific skill. A specific, one part of the body.
JacaCoachTEAM gives you the opportunity to develop the entire body.
Giving opportunity is key here.
You can develop and strengthen your entire body, but if you want, you can focus on one sport and use one sport as a training tool.


availability cycling training triathlon running

It doesn't matter where in Poland or in the world you train.
Will it be Łódź, Warsaw, Poznań, Kraków...
thanks to JacaCoachAPP, you have constant contact with JacaCoachTEAM and the trainer.
Planned training sessions, exercises to be performed, the ability to report completed units - all this is available 24 hours a day! You can do cycling, triathlon and running training at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world.

Online / By the Internet

online www cycling training triathlon running

Online coaching care - via the Internet, means that thanks to such cooperation, distance and place of residence do not matter.
You can train anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night.
All information, tips and guidelines can be found in the JacaCoach application, available 24 hours a day.

Constant development

continuous development cycling training triathlon running

Information collected over the years, searching for the best solutions, observing, listening, implementing. JacaCoachTEAM is constantly developing. Training the head trainer and obtaining further qualifications - this is a "project"! The JacaCoach project is not yet fully completed and never will be.
If new needs, thoughts, observations and conclusions arise.
New solutions are emerging to meet them.

Dedicated application

dedicated application cycling training triathlon running

The JacaCoach application saw the light of day in 2017 - with impressive success and great approval from the clients.
The end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 will bring huge changes in terms of the development of the JacaCoach Application.
Cooperation with new partners, new interface, new priorities, new training concept that had to be properly "provided" to the player.
In Online Training, the application is a medium of communication.
This is information passed from the coach to the player and from the player to the coach.
This is a key element of Coach-Athlete communication.
What's new does not mean the appearance of new functionalities that will overwhelm the athlete.
This means that after years of using the application by JacaCoach's players, it is already known what the players' needs are.
What do they use, what do they need, what do they value in cooperation, what promotes their best development.
There were no mistakes in previous years, there was a lot of work that ultimately made up the current success of the JacaCoach Application.


uniqueness cycling training triathlon running

JacaCoachTeam is looking for new solutions but does not open doors already opened.
Knowledge and experience, like building blocks, build a whole.
Everything that has been used over the years is still used, but in an organized and well-thought-out form.
From solid foundations to equally important details.

Author’s training concept

original training concept, cycling training, triathlon, running

JacaCoach decides to move away from the long-standing cycling training regimen.
The trainer believes that it is harmful to the full development of the body.
Observations have been going on since the late 1990s and a new, healthy and more developmental approach to practicing endurance sports is necessary.
The approach is proven and works.
Why this decision? Not everything that works in one group/community of athletes will work in another group of athletes who do not have the same tools and opportunities.

Coaching experience

experience cycling training triathlon running

Hugely important.
The ability to adjust the training load and the ability to understand the athlete are big challenges.
It is easier for a coach who is a former professional athlete to know the problems related to injuries, training too hard, and problems with motivation.
All this is known only too well.
Experienced for yourself.
However, years of coaching experience allow you to learn to translate your own experience into meeting the needs of the player and sometimes solving his/her problems.
A player is always an individual and unique unit.

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