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Cyclo-cross cycling

cyclo cross cycling

Cycling has a very rich offer.
Every type of personality will find something for themselves.
What bike? The bike is very similar to a classic road bike, equipped with slightly wider off-road tires and a more dynamic drive.
Cyclocross cycling is crazy.
It’s impossible to get bored while watching cross-country competitors compete.
The fatigue does not disappear from the cyclists’ faces, nor does the mud usually disappear.
Mud on clothes.
Mud on my feet.
Shoes covered in mud.
Cleats and pedals in the mud.
Mud in the chain.
Mud cassette.
There is a reason why during races, competitors often change to a mud-free bike.
The charms of winter, during which cross-country competitions are usually held.
Another beautiful aspect of this sport – frost.
It would seem that this is pure hell in cycling.
The competition itself is like that.
Huge intensity from start to finish.
Virtually no calculations.
Fire from the start.
What’s beautiful about it?Sport for the chosen few.
Apart from the cutthroat competition, can there be any pleasures or advantages here?Yes, it is a sport in which a fit entire body is important.
Sometimes you have to jump off the bike without tearing your thigh muscles.
A classic cyclist who only pedals will not do it without coming close to getting injured.
I know because I was like that myself.
A cyclocross rider must jump off the bike at full speed and run several dozen meters.
Jump on the bike and, like a classic cyclist, return to 300-400 Watts.
A very complex sport, interesting, demanding, spectacular, fast and very difficult.
Sport for the chosen few.