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Road cycling

Cycling coach about road cycling and training.

Road cycling is one of the types of cycling.
To practice it, you need a road bike and access to an asphalt road.
The characteristic training features of road cycling (classic cycling) include the ease of maintaining a constant speed and intensity.
Cycling is not technically demanding, so during such training, the cyclist is not forced to make excessive effort to improve technical skills.
In this type of cycling, you can indulge in relaxing, undemanding and pleasant training, the so-called “rides”.
In addition to regenerative cycling training, there is also no shortage of training opportunities.
Road cycling and road cycling provide enormous opportunities to develop your sports form, build endurance, endurance, strength and speed.
The disadvantage is the inability to strengthen the entire body (if only this type of training is used).
The entire circulatory system, respiratory system and leg muscles work here.
Races in this type of cycling are characterized by high speeds.
A road cyclist must have very high performance if he wants to rank high.
Road cycling competitions are tactically demanding and do not forgive the lack of experience, which simply needs to be gained with subsequent starts.

Running (medium and long distances)

running training

Running, a sport for everyone.
There is no money in this sport.
This is probably the biggest positive of this sport.
You can always develop.
At the age of 10, you can dream of winning the World Championship and you can achieve this goal yourself by doing simple training such as "single running" - for starters, it will be enough.
All you need are shoes and after school and work you can fulfill your dream.
Of course, you don't have to dream of becoming the World Champion.
You can dream about whatever you want.
It may be a competition, it may be improving your own record, it may be your dream weight or figure.
The whole body works while running.
The most important thing is that you are not limited by your financial possibilities.
Of course, you can go a step further - buy top-shelf shoes and run a little faster, you can invest in massages… everything is possible, but you don't have to.
You can run fast without it! Quickly!

It is often said that running causes injuries.
Yes - in competitive sports!

Every sport causes injuries!Running provides very strong training stimuli.
It is a different effort than cycling or swimming.
That's why you need to know how to train.
You need to know how much to train and how much to rest.
But you need to know this if you are teetering on the verge of injury!

What about recreational sports?Running strengthens our body and joints.
Does recreational running for fun destroy your joints?This activity does not destroy our body, but strengthens it.
Running under the supervision of a trainer? With the right training plan?It is still not an activity that destroys our body, but strengthens it.
Everything with limit.


triathlon cycling swimming running

In a healthy body, healthy soul.
Triathlon is a combination of three sports: swimming, cycling and running.
To be a complete triathlete, your entire body must be strong.
Every muscle group from head to toe must be healthy, strong and trained.
What more could you want?The challenge in this sport is time.
Time for training, proper training planning and…?And not overtraining.
It is not possible to practice cycling here as much as a professional cyclist, and the speeds during the race are very similar.
Likewise with running and swimming.
Time is limited and you have to swim like a professional swimmer.
Time is limited, the body often gives a clear signal: "ENOUGH!", training occurs like a marathon runner.
We have one body, one organism.
Not three.
The benefits of practicing this sport are enormous.
No monotony, training in a variety of conditions and scenery.
From lakes, swimming pools, to roads and forests.
Equipment? Contrary to appearances, apart from the bicycle, the costs are not high.
You can invest in a wetsuit, but you don't have to.
You can invest in top-shelf shoes, but you don't have to.
Without these investments, you can still be at the forefront.
Bicycle - here it is worth investing in at least medium-class equipment so as not to lag behind the best.
Development in terms of technical skills? We have a huge scope for improvement here.
Swimming technique, running technique, cycling technique.
Practically throughout our lives we have something to work on and improve.
The advantages can be listed endlessly.
Unfortunately, everything that is beautiful often turns to the athlete's detriment.
We want more, faster and unfortunately it ends in nothing.
A necessary condition to enjoy practicing this beautiful sport is MODERATION.



Sports can be beautiful.
Sports are beautiful when used properly.
If you do what you love, do what you like.
It must be nice.
Pleasant but also with interesting effects.
One could say that with beautiful effects.
What will happen to your body after 2-3 years of systematic roller training?What if, from spring to autumn, you go for a stronger, sometimes relaxing, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter roller ride 2-3 times a week? Let's call it properly: "what if you systematically go for roller training?" !Your body will be BEAUTIFUL!

This is the full definition of sport hidden in the form of a toy called "rollers".
Yes, this toy has been with us for a very long time.
Who didn't roller skate as a child?Who hasn't practiced technique, shifting and riding backwards?The whole body works when roller skating!The core muscles, our muscular corset that holds the entire body vertically, are stimulated to the limit.
Leg muscles, arm muscles - everything works.
There are plenty of benefits.
Development of speed, strength, endurance, improvement of motor coordination.
Interestingly, it is a movement similar to popular cycling.
A competitive roller skater, he can handle the bike perfectly when competing at a high level.
When it comes to training endurance, efficiency, speed or strength - on roller skates, with these toys, you will perform training units at a master's level.
Minus? If you can call it a disadvantage - to perform advanced exercises you need to acquire appropriate driving techniques.
Turning, sprinting, braking.
You will learn all this by doing steady endurance training/rides around the city.
Next step - exercises and intervals.
Necessary step? NO.

MTB cycling

MTB cycling, training and description

MTB cycling is probably the most familiar form of modern cycling.
Maybe not such "PRO" MTB cycling, but the "Mountain" bike has been with us for a long time.
It is not always a "professional" purchase, focused on competitive sports.
Almost everyone received such a bike as a gift as a child.
It is an underrated tool, usually kept in the basement or garage.
Mode of transportation.
Toy (fun and sport go hand in hand).
The potential of these bikes is not fully used.
Tires typically prepared for off-road and mountain expeditions are worn on asphalt or pavement.
Although the introduction is long, it aims to present an excellent training tool, which is an MTB bike.
Tools you probably have at home, and you may be looking for more training tools.
You can train almost anything on an MTB/mountain bike.
From endurance, strength, to speed (although the latter is not something that is usually trained on an MTB bike, it can be successfully carried out).
What are the positives of choosing this type of cycling (MTB)?Possibility of escaping into the forest, off-road, from the increasing traffic on public roads.
Possibility to improve driving technique in more difficult or very difficult terrain.
It's hard to even talk about monotony here.
Is it only the legs that work here?NO.
When riding off-road, your whole body works.
Finance, costs? MTB bikes come in a variety of different price ranges.
A low-end bike will still be suitable for training and can even handle competition.
If you want to take a break from the demanding terrain, you can still use the asphalt roads and go for a quiet ride.
A very universal tool.

TT – individual time trial

time trial jazda indywidualna na czas

A type of cycling that only a few people can practice.
Of course, at the highest level.
When competing with others.
The concept of leaving the comfort zone does not exist here.
It doesn't exist because there is no other zone here.
There is only enormous discomfort and struggle with yourself.
With yourself and with time.
There come moments of crisis that need to be overcome.
In fact, in order to gain enough time to win, you are constantly in a state of "crisis".
These moments are moments of something more than crisis.
This is how you could describe an individual time trial from the point of view of competing with others.
Everyone is fighting with each other.
Everyone is compared to others.
Everyone has the same conditions and route to follow.
The best one wins.
Not the smartest, but the best.
Equipment?It plays a big role.
When fighting for the highest places, the equipment must be good, even very good.
It is known - if three equally strong players meet, the one who has perfected the details will win.
Equipment, pedaling technique, riding technique.
Individual time trials are not only about competing with others.
This is a great form of training and development - even without taking part in races.
You can do control tests on a designated route.
You can improve your own results.
You can and should prepare for these tests.
Just like during races, getting out of the comfort zone happens quickly.
Development?Fighting against your own weaknesses, being able to organize your own "races" for better times?Lots of scope!


duathlon kolarstwo bieganie

Cycling and running.
Both sports are very popular.
Often we don't even know which one to choose.
When building a high level of fitness, a cyclist uses additional tools, such as running.
A perfect combination, and the competition between bike and run is certainly something attractive for an athlete who is often bored and tired of training only on a bike or on a treadmill.
Yes, duathlon is a kind of diversification of the life of a sports cyclist and runner.
This is probably the first and very important advantage of this sport.
What other beneficial aspects emerge when looking at this complex activity?It is certainly quite a complete stimulus for our body.
While a runner must use the entire body to perform a movement (running), a cyclist may neglect the upper parts of the body.
The core muscles, arm muscles, and even the constant identical way of pedaling greatly limit the development of the athlete's entire body.
Combining cycling and running is a very interesting solution.
Moderation is desirable here.
Properly balanced training.
You can't afford full-volume running training here, the same as for a classic runner.
Just like with a bicycle, you cannot devote the same amount of time to cycling training as a cyclist focusing only on cycling competition.
What are the disadvantages? There are no disadvantages.
Failure to exercise restraint can and usually is the main cause of problems.
Inadequate regeneration, inappropriate training load and the statement that "running is harmful" appears.
Any sport practiced "in excess" is harmful.

eCycling (trainer)

eKolatstwo-trenażer-cycling trainer about the trainer and training

eCycling, or "trainer" cycling, is one of the varieties of cycling that appeared relatively recently.
The trainer itself, especially the roller trainer, has been accompanying cycling for years - if not since the beginning of cycling.
What's new is the integration of the trainer with online platforms, thanks to which the cyclist can take part in virtual training and even competitions.
To train and take part in online cycling races, a competitor needs appropriate equipment.
What bike? Any.
Additional equipment? A power meter must be installed on the bike or trainer.
What else? Connecting the equipment to a computer/smartphone (ant+, bluetooth, etc.
Additional (optional)? Heart rate and cadence measurement, shoes + SPD clipless pedals.
Training and riding are similar to road cycling.
Ease of maintaining constant speed and intensity.
This is not a ride that requires technical skills.
Apart from improving your pedaling technique, there is no room here to improve your technical skills.
The training possibilities are huge.
Building performance, endurance, strength and speed.
The disadvantage is the inability to strengthen the entire body (if only this type of training is used).
The entire circulatory system, respiratory system and leg muscles work here.
Races in this type of cycling are characterized by high speeds.
A cyclist practicing virtual cycling must have very high performance if he wants to rank high.
The big disadvantage here is the possibility of "cheating" the platform.
It is possible to have poorly calibrated equipment, thanks to which the athlete may achieve higher speeds during competitions, which are disproportionate to the power generated.
This may be intentional or completely accidental.
During training, it does not matter much because the training parameters are calculated from the values ​​obtained during the FTP test anyway.

Swimming (performance)

swimming training

Swimming, a very technical sport.
Of course, performance must be at the highest level - if you want to compete with the best.
Technical skills are as important here as performance itself.
Whoever cannot swim will drown.
Working on swimming technique makes this sport extremely interesting.
Working on better achievements is no longer just about intervals and the development of the respiratory and circulatory systems.
A wrong hand will result in the same losses as a break in training lasting several months or even years!On the other hand.
If you feel tired.
Your body has had enough of exhausting training - you can spend the next sessions on perfecting your swimming technique.
You won't need much intensity here.
It will be inadvisable.
And the progress will continue to be enormous.
We have listed some advantages of swimming.
There are many of them.
The next step is to work on your figure.
Theoretically, we train in an endurance sport, and at the same time our body becomes strong and beautiful.
The swimmer's silhouette is probably an exemplary silhouette.
The arms, back, chest, abdominal and leg muscles work.
Complete training.
Spine, joints - pure health!

Availability? Costs?If someone wants, the costs can be zero.
All you need is swimming trunks and a nearby lake.
Conducting training?When it comes to working on performance and its development.
Training in various heart rate zones.
Huge possibilities!

This is a small minus, but only for a person who does not care about them.
All you need is the so-called “fighting” and the topic of safety are practically non-existent.

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