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Road cycling

Cycling coach about road cycling and training.

Road cycling is one of the types of cycling.
To practice it, you need a road bike and access to an asphalt road.
The characteristic training features of road cycling (classic cycling) include the ease of maintaining a constant speed and intensity.
Cycling is not technically demanding, so during such training, the cyclist is not forced to make excessive effort to improve technical skills.
In this type of cycling, you can indulge in relaxing, undemanding and pleasant training, the so-called “rides”.
In addition to regenerative cycling training, there is also no shortage of training opportunities.
Road cycling and road cycling provide enormous opportunities to develop your sports form, build endurance, endurance, strength and speed.
The disadvantage is the inability to strengthen the entire body (if only this type of training is used).
The entire circulatory system, respiratory system and leg muscles work here.
Races in this type of cycling are characterized by high speeds.
A road cyclist must have very high performance if he wants to rank high.
Road cycling competitions are tactically demanding and do not forgive the lack of experience, which simply needs to be gained with subsequent starts.