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eCycling (trainer)

eKolatstwo-trenażer-cycling trainer about the trainer and training

eCycling, or “trainer” cycling, is one of the varieties of cycling that appeared relatively recently.
The trainer itself, especially the roller trainer, has been accompanying cycling for years – if not since the beginning of cycling.
What’s new is the integration of the trainer with online platforms, thanks to which the cyclist can take part in virtual training and even competitions.
To train and take part in online cycling races, a competitor needs appropriate equipment.
What bike? Any.
Additional equipment? A power meter must be installed on the bike or trainer.
What else? Connecting the equipment to a computer/smartphone (ant+, bluetooth, etc.
Additional (optional)? Heart rate and cadence measurement, shoes + SPD clipless pedals.
Training and riding are similar to road cycling.
Ease of maintaining constant speed and intensity.
This is not a ride that requires technical skills.
Apart from improving your pedaling technique, there is no room here to improve your technical skills.
The training possibilities are huge.
Building performance, endurance, strength and speed.
The disadvantage is the inability to strengthen the entire body (if only this type of training is used).
The entire circulatory system, respiratory system and leg muscles work here.
Races in this type of cycling are characterized by high speeds.
A cyclist practicing virtual cycling must have very high performance if he wants to rank high.
The big disadvantage here is the possibility of “cheating” the platform.
It is possible to have poorly calibrated equipment, thanks to which the athlete may achieve higher speeds during competitions, which are disproportionate to the power generated.
This may be intentional or completely accidental.
During training, it does not matter much because the training parameters are calculated from the values ​​obtained during the FTP test anyway.