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duathlon kolarstwo bieganie

Cycling and running.
Both sports are very popular.
Often we don’t even know which one to choose.
When building a high level of fitness, a cyclist uses additional tools, such as running.
A perfect combination, and the competition between bike and run is certainly something attractive for an athlete who is often bored and tired of training only on a bike or on a treadmill.
Yes, duathlon is a kind of diversification of the life of a sports cyclist and runner.
This is probably the first and very important advantage of this sport.
What other beneficial aspects emerge when looking at this complex activity?It is certainly quite a complete stimulus for our body.
While a runner must use the entire body to perform a movement (running), a cyclist may neglect the upper parts of the body.
The core muscles, arm muscles, and even the constant identical way of pedaling greatly limit the development of the athlete’s entire body.
Combining cycling and running is a very interesting solution.
Moderation is desirable here.
Properly balanced training.
You can’t afford full-volume running training here, the same as for a classic runner.
Just like with a bicycle, you cannot devote the same amount of time to cycling training as a cyclist focusing only on cycling competition.
What are the disadvantages? There are no disadvantages.
Failure to exercise restraint can and usually is the main cause of problems.
Inadequate regeneration, inappropriate training load and the statement that “running is harmful” appears.
Any sport practiced “in excess” is harmful.