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Running (medium and long distances)

running training

Running, a sport for everyone.
There is no money in this sport.
This is probably the biggest positive of this sport.
You can always develop.
At the age of 10, you can dream of winning the World Championship and you can achieve this goal yourself by doing simple training such as “single running” – for starters, it will be enough.
All you need are shoes and after school and work you can fulfill your dream.
Of course, you don’t have to dream of becoming the World Champion.
You can dream about whatever you want.
It may be a competition, it may be improving your own record, it may be your dream weight or figure.
The whole body works while running.
The most important thing is that you are not limited by your financial possibilities.
Of course, you can go a step further – buy top-shelf shoes and run a little faster, you can invest in massages… everything is possible, but you don’t have to.
You can run fast without it! Quickly!

It is often said that running causes injuries.
Yes – in competitive sports!

Every sport causes injuries!Running provides very strong training stimuli.
It is a different effort than cycling or swimming.
That’s why you need to know how to train.
You need to know how much to train and how much to rest.
But you need to know this if you are teetering on the verge of injury!

What about recreational sports?Running strengthens our body and joints.
Does recreational running for fun destroy your joints?This activity does not destroy our body, but strengthens it.
Running under the supervision of a trainer? With the right training plan?It is still not an activity that destroys our body, but strengthens it.
Everything with limit.