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MTB cycling

MTB cycling, training and description

MTB cycling is probably the most familiar form of modern cycling.
Maybe not such “PRO” MTB cycling, but the “Mountain” bike has been with us for a long time.
It is not always a “professional” purchase, focused on competitive sports.
Almost everyone received such a bike as a gift as a child.
It is an underrated tool, usually kept in the basement or garage.
Mode of transportation.
Toy (fun and sport go hand in hand).
The potential of these bikes is not fully used.
Tires typically prepared for off-road and mountain expeditions are worn on asphalt or pavement.
Although the introduction is long, it aims to present an excellent training tool, which is an MTB bike.
Tools you probably have at home, and you may be looking for more training tools.
You can train almost anything on an MTB/mountain bike.
From endurance, strength, to speed (although the latter is not something that is usually trained on an MTB bike, it can be successfully carried out).
What are the positives of choosing this type of cycling (MTB)?Possibility of escaping into the forest, off-road, from the increasing traffic on public roads.
Possibility to improve driving technique in more difficult or very difficult terrain.
It’s hard to even talk about monotony here.
Is it only the legs that work here?NO.
When riding off-road, your whole body works.
Finance, costs? MTB bikes come in a variety of different price ranges.
A low-end bike will still be suitable for training and can even handle competition.
If you want to take a break from the demanding terrain, you can still use the asphalt roads and go for a quiet ride.
A very universal tool.