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In a healthy body, healthy soul.
Triathlon is a combination of three sports: swimming, cycling and running.
To be a complete triathlete, your entire body must be strong.
Every muscle group from head to toe must be healthy, strong and trained.
What more could you want?The challenge in this sport is time.
Time for training, proper training planning and…?And not overtraining.
It is not possible to practice cycling here as much as a professional cyclist, and the speeds during the race are very similar.
Likewise with running and swimming.
Time is limited and you have to swim like a professional swimmer.
Time is limited, the body often gives a clear signal: “ENOUGH!”, training occurs like a marathon runner.
We have one body, one organism.
Not three.
The benefits of practicing this sport are enormous.
No monotony, training in a variety of conditions and scenery.
From lakes, swimming pools, to roads and forests.
Equipment? Contrary to appearances, apart from the bicycle, the costs are not high.
You can invest in a wetsuit, but you don’t have to.
You can invest in top-shelf shoes, but you don’t have to.
Without these investments, you can still be at the forefront.
Bicycle – here it is worth investing in at least medium-class equipment so as not to lag behind the best.
Development in terms of technical skills? We have a huge scope for improvement here.
Swimming technique, running technique, cycling technique.
Practically throughout our lives we have something to work on and improve.
The advantages can be listed endlessly.
Unfortunately, everything that is beautiful often turns to the athlete’s detriment.
We want more, faster and unfortunately it ends in nothing.
A necessary condition to enjoy practicing this beautiful sport is MODERATION.