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TT – individual time trial

time trial jazda indywidualna na czas

A type of cycling that only a few people can practice.
Of course, at the highest level.
When competing with others.
The concept of leaving the comfort zone does not exist here.
It doesn’t exist because there is no other zone here.
There is only enormous discomfort and struggle with yourself.
With yourself and with time.
There come moments of crisis that need to be overcome.
In fact, in order to gain enough time to win, you are constantly in a state of “crisis”.
These moments are moments of something more than crisis.
This is how you could describe an individual time trial from the point of view of competing with others.
Everyone is fighting with each other.
Everyone is compared to others.
Everyone has the same conditions and route to follow.
The best one wins.
Not the smartest, but the best.
Equipment?It plays a big role.
When fighting for the highest places, the equipment must be good, even very good.
It is known – if three equally strong players meet, the one who has perfected the details will win.
Equipment, pedaling technique, riding technique.
Individual time trials are not only about competing with others.
This is a great form of training and development – even without taking part in races.
You can do control tests on a designated route.
You can improve your own results.
You can and should prepare for these tests.
Just like during races, getting out of the comfort zone happens quickly.
Development?Fighting against your own weaknesses, being able to organize your own “races” for better times?Lots of scope!