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Swimming (performance)

swimming training

Swimming, a very technical sport.
Of course, performance must be at the highest level – if you want to compete with the best.
Technical skills are as important here as performance itself.
Whoever cannot swim will drown.
Working on swimming technique makes this sport extremely interesting.
Working on better achievements is no longer just about intervals and the development of the respiratory and circulatory systems.
A wrong hand will result in the same losses as a break in training lasting several months or even years!On the other hand.
If you feel tired.
Your body has had enough of exhausting training – you can spend the next sessions on perfecting your swimming technique.
You won’t need much intensity here.
It will be inadvisable.
And the progress will continue to be enormous.
We have listed some advantages of swimming.
There are many of them.
The next step is to work on your figure.
Theoretically, we train in an endurance sport, and at the same time our body becomes strong and beautiful.
The swimmer’s silhouette is probably an exemplary silhouette.
The arms, back, chest, abdominal and leg muscles work.
Complete training.
Spine, joints – pure health!

Availability? Costs?If someone wants, the costs can be zero.
All you need is swimming trunks and a nearby lake.
Conducting training?When it comes to working on performance and its development.
Training in various heart rate zones.
Huge possibilities!

This is a small minus, but only for a person who does not care about them.
All you need is the so-called “fighting” and the topic of safety are practically non-existent.