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eBook “Sport by JacaCoach p.3”

eBook Sport by JacaCoach p. 3


A common mistake when looking for motivation.
Sport by JacaCoach p.3
Road cycling
MTB cycling
Cyclo-cross cycling
Gravel cycling
Track cycling (middle distances)
Running (medium and long distances)
eCycling (trainer)
Sport without animal products. What to look for?
Power measurement tests. Analysis and assessment of the sports level.
The first 1-2 years of training. What to count on? What to focus on?
TT - individual time trial
A common incorrect measurement of watts on the test. how to control the form?
What chainring/cassette ratio should I use on the road?
What length of bicycle crank should I use?
Healthy weight loss in a simplified way. 3 steps.
Reluctance and boredom - how to deal with it?"I can't look at the bike"
3km running test. Assessment of sports level based on min/km pace.
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