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Gravel cycling

gravel cycling

The name itself is new.
A kind of cycling, theoretically, too.
There was a minimal loophole and it was exploited.
A combination of a cyclocross bike and an MTB bike.
The equipment itself is still “cycling equipment”.
An ordinary mortal’s eye cannot distinguish a gravel bike from a cyclocross bike.
Gravel usually has slightly different handlebars.
Still a lamb, but slightly bent differently.
Slightly wider tires.
The drive is quite dynamic.
Slightly different, less racing frame geometry.
This is a cyclocross bike for an amateur.
More comfortable for the body not used to the aero, aggressive, racing position.
For the above-mentioned reasons, the gravel bike has found a large group of supporters.
You can drive it on the road, you can use sidewalks, bicycle paths, and you can enter the forest.
You can install panniers and go on a longer trip through picturesque landscapes.
You can also go fast on this bike.
You can even fit thin tires and enjoy road cycling.
A very universal bike.
You can do practically anything with it.
Rivalry? And here, as it turned out, you can.
Races for gravel riders have appeared.
Rallies, fun, a bit of competition.
Race routes are quite long, several dozen kilometers, often over a hundred.
Gravel roads, off-road, asphalt.
Such a mix for everyone.
A bike created for “amateurs” also found its way to the PRO peloton.
There was a fight for the Championships and medals.