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Track cycling (middle distances)

track cycling training description

Track cycling offers, above all, enormous opportunities when it comes to the variety of disciplinesIt is a type of cycling that includes further variations.
Races for sprinters, time trialists, mass start races.
From the point of view of performance development, there is a lot of room for improvement.
Point races, pursuit races, scratch races and several others allow you to use your trained potential.
Training?Interval riding requires the athlete to develop a high level of performance.
Training must be complete and properly balanced.
Pros?You can train on the track, usually available all year round.
Unforgettable impressions.
Minuses?The costs can be high.
Track fee.
Buying a bike or renting it.
It is necessary to gain track driving experience.
Driving “after changes”.
Riding in a group.
A track bike does not have brakes, the so-called “fixed wheel”.
The curves (walls) on the track are steep.
Another thing to master.
It may not be the most accessible form of sport, but it is certainly spectacular, providing great opportunities and satisfaction.
The first visits to the track provide a lot of excitement.
It’s comforting that you can train on the road, do exercises, build endurance and other important elements, and occasionally take part in track competitions.
Driving on a track is different from driving on a road, so it is crucial and necessary to learn how to ride on it.
It is not advisable (even a bit impossible) to start a race without previous experience.